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Shaft overhead height is 2.4 m

Compact 2.4

Compact 2.4 which is our standard product, is recommended both in additional buildings and structural changes. With its low shaft height of 2.4 m (320kg and 450kg for 2,6m), this system represents the best alternative for old, completely worn lift systems. Minimum space requirement for cabin of compact 2.4 is 800 mm and a minimum depth requirement is 1,100 mm and minimum shaft dimensions are 1,250 mm in width and 1,350 mm in depth. This product which takes a small place has been designed in a way that old system can be easily removed and new system is stored without any structural change in old buildings.

Shaft head height is 2.4 m
Shaft pit is 0.9 m
No machine room

Low shaft head height of 2.4 m, reduced shaft pit to 0.9 m, no engine room and innovative fixing system which is only on one shaft provides saving on planning and building costs in both new buildings and modernization situations. This space-saving products can be installed without structural changes to old buildings seamlessly. Since there is no need for extra roof structures, no need for breaking process on the roofs and minimized shaft pit eventually minimize the building or transformation costs. This system enables installation of the lifts up to top level of the buildings with both single curved and pointy roofs and also the buildings under the protection of council of monuments.

Modern Elevator Control Unit

Thanks to its compact design, extra narrow switch cabinet has been integrated within the framework of the lift door and enables that it is mounted at the desired level.

High pre-assembly degree

High level of pre-assembly in terms of structure allows the installation within 4 working days by specially trained employees. Thus, new criteria can be put in temporal determination of the installation periods.

Technical details

The high valued component parts in terms of quality, technically advanced systems and optimized production process make compact 2.4 an extremely “HIGH LEVEL” product.

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Shaft pit is 0.9 m