Maintenance and Service

Centralized planning, transport, installation and 365 days maintenance not only ensure the project is conducted in a timely and smoothly, they also guarantee the security of mobile functionality by being nestled of the sophisticated company structures.

Full maintenance Contract

There is a full maintenance contract possibility for the modernization or introduction of new facilities. Determination of maintenance intervals depends on the loading and stop points. This contract includes all spare parts, repairs, cleaning and lubricant elements and elimination of business failures. Vandalism damages are not included in the full maintenance.

Basic Maintenance Contract

The lift is put through to a visual and routine control in the basic maintenance contract and rotating and moving parts are calibrated and a maintenance is carried out. Possible repairs or services etc. are also offered.

Emergency call system

Despite the high quality standards, still there can be malfunctions. We offer an emergency call system for these cases, this system provides connection with the emergency call center which is constantly active by pressing one button.