• Compact 2.4

    Product Quality

    Manufactured in Europe

  • Compact 2.4

    Competent and reliable

    The experience from decades in the sector

    Latest technology

  • Compact 2.4

    Individual projects

    Unique design

  • Compact 2.4

    Modern and reliable

    Innovative development department

  • Compact 2.4

    The right partner in all living areas

    Tailor-made maintenance packages

Compact 2.4

With its cutting-edge technology, experience based on decades and consistent high quality standards, Compact 2.4 offers you a modern elevator system for your newly constructed buildings, transformations and annexes.

It provides an easy delivery and unique, fast installation in the sector with its modular structure.


is in the center of Europe - in Austria

Production Center is Austria

compact LIFTSYSTEMS Werner von Siemens-Straße 7
7343 Neutal



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